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25 thoughts on “Anime Online

  1. Accel World turned to shit to everyone from the very moment people noticed
    that that chubby faty kid was the main character … not discriminating but
    it takes the fun away from the anime , I mean … just .. why the hell???

  2. TWGOK doesn’t have fighting? Someone hasn’t read the manga. SPOILERS:
    Demons have a LOT of blood.?

  3. Okay someone please help where do i start with the .hack series?? I see so
    many .hack things wich is the first season??

  4. He forgot more reasons who is ever reading this watch accel world and SAO
    all of it just so because I think there are spoilers ok lets begin you know
    kuro (kuroyukihime) has the same eyes as Asuna and Has the Hair of Kirito
    so that can mean the worlds are connected well ima tell you the worlds are
    connected Accel world and SAO are in the same world as hints from Haru (I
    forgot Haru’s name sorry) trying to figure out how Nomi didn’t show up in
    the game matching lobby well while he was doing that wait there that is the
    VR helmet used by Kirito and Asuna and other SAO players to go to SAO then
    the fairy world(sorry forgot that name to) why would that be their unless
    their worlds are the same dun dun duuuh ikr you can still think their
    worlds are not the same but isn’t Kuro rich and one time said she was
    spoiled well wasn’t Asuna rich wait her brain burst character doesn’t look
    like anything from SAO or that fairy game welp that’s a lie because when
    Kuro keeps on seeing the clip from when she Assassinated Red Rider(well
    kinda) she like gets sad or other feeling idk but she breaks down
    well didn’t that her parents got into the game the 1 life game SAO and
    told her about it also told her about Kirito’s(I know that’s not his real
    name I forgot to) hand getting chopped off so they could have messed with
    her to (Kirito: oh yeah I got my hand chopped off and replaced it with a
    sword and then in the fairy game same thing happened but it was my legs.)
    you never know. Ok also Kirito liked picking the color black so black no
    hands no legs just swords (im not racist) Kuro has her character like that
    doesn’t she also Kirito and Asuna could have got married and had a child at
    the age of 25 26 witch is not a unreasonable age to have a child (the
    married and child part wasn’t my idea) crap my brain just got shutdowned by
    all of his reasons you are probably thinking also I have no other reasons
    soo Jane if you know what in Japanese means well class is starting ja ne is
    a Japanese word meaning see ya later I feel like a nerd also I thought up
    all of this by myself exept for the part I told you and some people already
    thought up about this but I thought I was the first but they don’t have
    some reasons I have so Ja ne?

  5. These aren’t similar at all. If you want a very similar anime it is Log
    Horizon. Same plot (almost)?

  6. a lot of these animes don’t share many similarities to sword art online,
    good animes and such but yeah..?

  7. how about anime that reaally simillar not by the compeny or base of but
    similar by idea or anything that make you say “hay! it like sao” for exmple
    log horizon it’s like sao but in there you live as a”npc”?

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