Figures Set

Figures Set
Marvel Zombies Figure Set Review

Figures Set
What is an accountant do with a set of facts and figures?

ok so here is the sceniario am right financial accounting. say for example, I work for Tesco and it gives me the figures for the year …. What is my job? What should I do after obtaining figures? Thank you

with respect, if you are an accountant, you should know that your work!

Costume Shippuuden

Costume Shippuuden
Where can I find Naruto characters made detailed picture?

My son wants a B'Day party with the theme of Naruto, with your guests dressed like a character from Naruto, so I'm looking for detailed drawings of all the costumes of characters from Naruto. Especially Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata and Gaara (to both 13 and Shippuuden Version). Can anyone help?

you are gay. go to the store toilets

Costume Shippuuden

Village Blue

Village Blue
Creek for a Christmas village?

I want to make a stream of a Christmas village, I do not know what to do. Im not going to use gelatin and Ive already tried to paint saran wrap and aluminum foil blue, but has not yet taken. ideas?

I would put this under Games and Recreation / a> Crafts because it is the U.S. travel to.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Transformation

Sailor Moon
Where do I start collecting Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon I watched on the internet and have not been able to. when I do not know whether the right. can someone please tell where to start and what is the best way to get and if English please.

Firstly, you can not get a full series of anime in English, because last season was not folded. Keep an eye BigLots real? shops, as they used to sell some old VHS Sailor Moon Dubs new plastic $ 2 each. The best place for you to get this post would be Sailor Moon LJ communities. Here are some suggestions ……. http://community.livejournal. com/sailormoonfans2 /

Ninja Uzumaki

Ninja Uzumaki
And Naruto Ultimate Ninja Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles??

In both games there is an argument at all? Or just fight other characters? Am Thinking of buying one, but I would like opinions on the first game and chronic naruto what you think since its not out yet. Thank you.

I think that Naruto Ultimate Ninja is a game very well because you get to use jutsus, and all these things. I also want to buy it, so I think he should receive. Are you a fan of Naruto really big? Well, if you want to listen to the radio, or simply to collect, to obtain in all cases. It seems interesting. In addition, regarding Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, if you like Ultimate Ninja, you must buy them at its output. I hope this helps you decide. Kakashi-

Ninja Uzumaki

Cosplay Table

Cosplay Table
Who should I cosplay as, and how was I to do the trial?

Angol Month (Keroro) Ivy (Isabella Valentine) in the series of the soul Soul Calibur in his suit three seconds. (My favorite, but my mother would be too difficult Sayed mak.e) Himin (from Pretear) that Pretear wind. Rukia (Bleach) Shinigami in the trial. It is difficult to decide, and Bentonville Arkansas Anime Festival will be here soon for the fall. I have half to begin to write the costume away becuz could take some time to do so. pluss it will be my first cosplay so it's hard to choose. At least I have my Insara for my work will be on the table artist (if my mother will pay money for it) …

Cosplay I spent two years so I understand. First, you have no experience in the manufacture of clothing, you must use basic models for the creation of cosplays. Unless you have experience, so feel free to go crazy, even if it did, I wonder why you need help. Second, time. Cosplays probably take about a month if you're willing to put in a great effort. As it is summer, will have much time, I hope. However, since you are a beginner, I suggest you do or Rukia Himeno, by the fact that Angol Month and Ivy support. Angol Month has a charming staff, which will probably involve lots of paper mache. If you are ready devote much time, okay. Ivy seems impossible, even for me, giving this would be very difficult to replicate things gold. You may have to wear a swimsuit trend, but it should be changed. Himeno seems simple enough, get a pattern skirt, etc., etc. Not much to go with it. Simple, easy, and doubtless the impression that you do not have to do much more difficult to get somethign done. But the best choice, I would say Rukia, it is based was a true style of dress, a kimono and hakama at the top. You just want to find models for the two of them, it easy. Get a plastic sword, lacquer, and bingo, you're done. The only reason I know is how easy it is to do the year Last my friend did her first cosplay and it makes good home for him. Anyway, this is only advice, please take it or not, the final decision is yours. I do not know if it helped, but I hope so.

Ninja Kakashi

Ninja Kakashi
{A Legendary Ninja} Kakashi and Obito AMV Linkin Park Leave out all the rest

Ninja Kakashi
in naruto ultimate ninja 2, how do you get ANBU kakashi’s dog jutsu for customization for the normal kakashi?

the jutsu i am talking abt is the one when the 2 dogs attack and then the big one comes out from the ground and attacks the enemy, but how can i get that for the normal kakashi?? plz help! i really want it!

you cant

Cosplay Set

Cosplay Set
ACen Cosplay invades ABC 7 Chicago set up

Cosplay Set
Where can I get a functional kunai leg holster?

I have a set of three REAL kunai that I bought from BudK, and I wanted to know if there was a functional holster I could get to strap to my leg.
I surfed around to try to find one, but all I got were advertisements for a “Naruto cosplay kunai holster and star pouch.” I really could care less about a shuriken pouch. ALL I WANT IS A HOLSTER, Naruto related or not. I don’t really care, as long as it’s fairly cheap, looks good, and is able to hold real weapons.

Any ideas?

Found something on e bay.

Doll Cos

Doll Cos
Pussycat Dolls – Push Back demo new

Doll Cos
my daughter was given a big STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE doll, it takes batteries,anyone got 1,whats it suposd to do?

my sisters freind gave my daughter their strawberry shortcake doll, cos their kid didnt want it anymore
i put batteries in it and i press the button on the chest but nothing happens, it also has these silver metal things on its hands, not sure if its meant to do anything
its probably just broken, but not sure what it used to do,, was it meant to talk?, or just smell when u press the chest?

any info would b fantastic, thankyou,, its also marked on the tag the year 2004 xxxxxxxxx
ok ill try and full explain how she looks-

3 AAA batteries needed
plush body plastic head
a bit bigger than a cabbage patch kid, but larger head
a silver dot thing on each hand
2004 on tag

hope that helps! xxxxx

you should look into the manufacturer because you just told us it’s a big strawberry short cake doll nothing else that’s not very helpful

Necklace Naruto

Necklace Naruto
Your naruto stuff?

A list of my naruto stuff:
naruto CON
naruto CON2
naruto artbook
anime profiles1-38
anime profiles 38-80
52 posters
one wall scroll
naruto collector 1,3,4
naruto ninja council
naruto shadow box(manga vol 1-27)
alot of naruto ccg cards
some shonnen jump issues
cast metal kinai
kakashi gloves
leaf head band
sharingan necklace

All I need is a t-shirt T.T

So what do you got?

Akatsuki coat
All the manga issues up till now
All the Naruto episodes from one to 220 on Dvd’s in French & Japanese & also all shippuuden ones in Japanese subbed
A box of real Kunais & Shurikens (not form Naruto but the real ones & sharp too)
Sasuke’s black outfit
Gloves & T Shirts
Posters (lots of them)
The games
& a Katana

Necklace Naruto