Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag
Where can I find a handbag shoulder bag Nice anime /?

Anyone know where I can find anime Nice bags / pouches Shoulder? I want a small bag with a strap and pockets. I'm looking for one that can hold a cell phone, wallet and other small objects.

As anime boy fan of manga / I recommend They are a trusted site, the best variety and package their products with professionalism and speed. (I bought my Saiyuki Reload and messenger bags Samurai 7 of this year the last site .. 2 of them) wider on this site = php? list = subcat subcat & 25

Doujinshi Sasuke

Doujinshi Sasuke
Where to go for yaoi?

Yo, anyone know a good site where I can read yaoi manga and doujinshi online for free? Each couples are good!: Naruto / Sasuke, Gaara / Naruto, Kisame / Itachi, Sakura / Ino, Kabuto / Orochimaru, Raito / Ryuzaki, Takada / mass, Hiei / Kurama, Jin / Yusuke. With yaoi origin, the relationship did not matter as long as they are Bish?nen. Please and Thank you. Oh, and I added a few couples shoujo …. <> But anyway, I know there are places where you can read online. I read all, and! As thus help onegai? Oh, and even more details. I was a little hope of doujinshi, or at least one site of fiction that is not …. And if you say that YouTube, Please give me one or two users increase yaoi yuri /. And please, noted that things M, R or NC-17! I like dirty …. P

Yaoi … the forbidden fruit. There's really no place to play online, because of the nature of the content but there are tons of places to download. Generally has listings bishi yaoi huge. Go ahead, click Categories, select Yaoi, and Happy Day, more … I do not know 500? But there are plenty of them. Most have clicking, see if there is a version, visit scanlator, namely where they have their links, download download download. Complicated … Yes. Er … Yes, good luck ^ ^;

Doujinshi Sasuke

Naruto Dog

Naruto Dog
A new team! two people and a dog. NARUTO episode, what happens next? PLEASE ANSWER!? Reward: 10 points. !!???

What happens in this episode: A new computer! two people and a dog. and what number is? example: 144. get it? What number is it? What happened in it? What happens next? What number is the next episode? link to see it? give the whole story. everydetail? Thanks

Episode 144 "a new computer! Two people and a dog? "Http: / /!-two-people-and-a-dog!/episode/443829/recap. Html http://www. / search.html? type = & search = naruto + episode +144 & advSearch ingestSourceName% =- 3A% + 29% crawldb 28pixsy Episode 145, "a new group: Ino-Shika-Cho!" Http: / / www!/episode/447033/recap.html . / search.html? search = Chapter 145 + and a range = & category = & =- advSearch ingestSourceName% 3A% 28pixsy +% 29 + and crawldb NUMRESULTS = 20 & view = detail & display = 1110 & v = type of episode 146 "Orochimaru's Shadow" = A & category = & =- advSearch ingestSourceName% 3A% 28pixsy +% 29 + and crawldb NUMRESULTS = 20 & view = detail & display = 1110 & v = type of episode 147 "Clash of Fate: You Can not Bring Me Down"! -you-cannot-bring-me-down! / episode/468227 / Summary.html? tag = ep_list; ep_title, 18% 3A% 28pixsy +% 29 + and crawldb NUMRESULTS = 20 & y = View details of the screen and type 1110 = v = Y episode 148 "Search for the rare Beetle Bikochu" and episode 149 "What is the difference? Not all insects look like "morning air on Cartoon Network. I hope this helps ^ _ ^

Japan Only

Japan Only
I am travelling to Japan and only have a Solo card. Can I withdraw cash at cash machines with this?

Is Solo able to be used at cash machines in Japan or will I need to take travellers cheques?

I don’t think so. However, if your card has any mark in the following site, you can withdraw cash at post office in Japan.

Most ATM of Japanese bank is not compatible with other countries.

And remember, Japanese ATM is not 24hr available.

Anime Costume

Anime Costume
where can I find an authentic looking costume for comic con and anime expo?

I want a costume that looks like I’m the real thing. Like I walked right out of the comic book. I don’t want something mass produced, I would just look like every one else. I want something unique and custom made, any one have anyone I could go to? Also who do you think would be the best character to go as? I am a white female about 5’2.

Then you need to know someone that custom makes costumes. There is a convention totally devoted to costume making. There are many costumers that go to science fiction conventions and anime conventions that will design one for you if you pay them.

Naruto Ring

Naruto Ring
Naruto Girls~ Put a Ring on It (Single Ladies)

Naruto Ring
What Naruto episode/chapter is this quote from?

“If my arms get ripped off, I’ll just kick him to death. If my legs get ripped off, I’ll just bite him to death. If my head gets ripped off, I’ll just stare him to death. And if my eyes get ripped out, I’ll just curse him to death!”

Do you know?
It rings a bell, but I can’t remember if I even watched that episode.


Naruto Shippuuden, episode 48.
It’s towards the end of it.

Any Sizes

Any Sizes
Are glove compartment sizes standardized by any means?

Obviously a glove compartment’s size will vary between cars (Honda, Corolla, for example). But is there any standardization between different models of the same make? Is there any ‘standard’ size for a glove compartment at all?

Nah, just the company’s liking. Some cars don’t even have a glove compartment!

Any Sizes

Doll Cosplay

Doll Cosplay
Does anyone know any sites where they sell Gothic Lolita clothing?

Gothic lolita clothing is a lot like clothes that are on Victorian porcelain dolls except gothic-like. It’s a very popular style in Japan and many people who cosplay where clothes like this. Mana, a guitarist from the band Malice Mizer, is widely credited for having helped popularise Gothic Lolita. He coined the terms “Elegant Gothic Lolita” (EGL) and “Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” (EGA) to describe the style of his own fashion label Moi-même-Moitié. BUT ANYWAYS, does anyone know of any sites where I could find that type of clothing to buy, either of the types I mentioned in this (EGL or EGA)? THANKS!!! ^_^ <333

it depends on your budget.

If you are willing to spend about $400-$500 on a dress, then go for the branded lolita stores, ‘Baby the stars shine bright”, ” Angelic Pretty” for sweet lolita looks.

If you are looking for something cheaper, look on ebay. I normally look for sellers base in Taiwan. China sellers are also okay.

good luck

Doll Cosplay

Figure Gashapon

Figure Gashapon
Question for anyone in Japan, about gashapon.?

My friend is going to Japan in January (hopefully) and I wondered how "accessible" gashapon is, if those establishments full of them in a lot of places because I was thinking about paying some money so he could run and buy like me … a lot of different gashapon figures. I've seen pictures of the stores that have long walls with gashapon dispensers only. Oh, and on average they cost? Thank you. :)

¥ 500,100 ~. In the case of gashapon figures, at least it costs 300 yen.

Set Naturo

Set Naturo
NARUTO Pairing Frenzy: “Set On You”

Can anyone recommend any god manhwa or mangas related to ninjutsu or samurai?

Can anyone recommend any god manhwa or mangas related to ninjutsu or samurai? Even demon related stuff would do as well!
I mean as in set in the samurai era e.t.c like shigurui e.t.c.
like samuri champloo & plz dont mention naturo i already have it

Shinobi Life
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Tail of the Moon
Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
Kamisama Hajimemashita

there’s also:
Her Majesty’s Dog
Kanata Kara
Natsume Yuujinchou
Spice & Wolf
Sailor Fuku ni Onegai!

Hope this helps :)