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These are my favorite anime series and i would really aprecciate your opinion about it as long as its not insulting. Not spoilers are included (except of no3 but its such a long anime to be counted).
- I avoided including retro/old anime(DragonBallZ,Berserk,Evangelion e.t.c) for the reason that a comparison with the series of the new century wouldn’t be appropriate especially when this list is supposed to offer not only my opinion but also recommendations.
If you haven’t seen an anime from this list PLEASE check it out. You won’t regret it ;-)

INTRO THEME: ”Grinder 2” (Red Alert 3)

MAIN THEME: ”Time” (Inception)

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25 thoughts on “Anime Show

  1. So sad one piece wasnt there, but in mentions.
    I want to show this to my ex. friend. Me and him argue alot so we jsut
    stopped being friends. I feel like showing him this b/c one of the fights
    we had was which was better : DBZ or One Piece? DBZ aint on your list, so
    HA to him BP?

  2. Your videos are really interesting :D
    Sucribed ans liked
    And do you have a link on how you did that amazing effect during the video
    ? :p?

  3. Death Note was the first anime that had inspired me to watch anime…Even
    now i remember when i was sitting in the bed back at the country of my
    grandma when i was like…hm 10?I don’t remember exactly.I was sitting
    there and every day for me was like hell..when 20:00 PM approaches….oo
    man time for Death Note!Even now when i’m 18 i still watch this anime over
    an over and over again.Why?Purelly because it awsome that why!And i don’t
    think that soon enough something better than this type of anime like Death
    Note will appear..Maybe in the future…Oh on topic the list is completly
    the one that i had in mind!Good job!!?

  4. i respect you more than the list, the balls to put something like this up
    is impressive. i didnt mind it i liked the fact u gave naruto a proper
    placing unlike other people but death note number one, hhmm its a love it
    or hate it anime, great plot but after episode 14 uterly boring anime. just
    back and forth back and forth all the way. and i ened up hating the main
    character for the way he treated everyone. and the saddest part was when L
    dies.and then his successes take over and it just got boring, i would put
    it in my top 5 because it dragged me into a death note marathon but put me
    to sleep at 20 epiosdes. but yeah bravely put up this list ?

  5. Fate/Zero could have gotten up there within the top 3, well to my list of

    seems like you enjoy shounen anime more?

  6. Great list, but there are so many good animes that a Top 10 is not enouht ;)

    P.S. When I first saw a few episodes of Elfen Lied I was very little (like
    12) and and couldn’t finish it…it was just too bloody and violent. Now
    I’m 20,so I think I am emotionally prepared to give it another try. Is it
    really worth it? I mean,2 very scenes marked me: the one when the little
    girl killed her classmates in kindergarden and one with a little dog O.O

    BTW I would recommend Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) ;)?


  8. Good list.

    However… Personally, I would’ve had Persona 4 Animation, Blue Exorcist,
    Black Lagoon, and Deadman Wonderland in there.

    Then again, I’ve only watched 6 animes (The last two are Death Note, and
    Code Geass), and only came here to find out what other animes I should

    My list:
    1. Code Geass

    2. Persona 4 Animation

    3. Blue Exorcist

    4. Death Note

    5. Black Lagoon

    6. Deadman Wonderland?

  9. I completely agree with #1 and #2. I don’t watch Anime much but that two
    were really brilliant. I would rather not admit how little time it took me
    to watch Death Note.

    Btw I love your editing. What programs do you use for that if I may ask??

  10. I’ve never watched FMAB because I’m still watching the original series.
    Should I watch it after I’m finished??

  11. pokemon should have been on there, it doesn’t count as an old anime either
    because it is still airing new episodes to this day?

  12. Only negatives for Attack On Titan would be for younger ages (gore,
    language). Also maybe the intense emotional stress that goes on in the

  13. I want a new anime to watch with lots of action and flawless character that
    keep getting stronger and stronger. Any recs??

  14. why fullmetal alchemist brotherhood instead of the original? I know it
    wasn’t based on the magna series but still?

  15. Should you watch the dubbed version or the original!?
    Will i gain or lose expertience by watching english dub??

  16. my problem is that i watched Death Note as my first anime ever… so i
    can’t watch any other anime and see it interesting :( ……. even code

  17. For me, Fairy Tail will always be one of my favorites because it has the
    best OS ever and it’s the first anime I’ve ever watched?

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