Anime Freak

READ ME!!!! Okay so this is nothing compared to the awesomeness that is Ryan and Sean’s videos, the camera work is really crappy. But we really wanted to make this video so yeah… Questions that I know will be asked and their answers:
1. We aren’t fangirls except for Naruto an Yumiyuki’s obviously a Bring Me the Horizon fangirl.
2.Our VampireFreaks:
Koyuki: Koyuki_chan
YumiYuki: punk_emo_chick_666
3.Even though it was on the credits Overdrive isn’t on here.

Watch the bloopers and our messages!!!

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25 thoughts on “Anime Freak

  1. hey guys im an anime freak too ^-^ i couldn’t help but notice you love
    wearing naruto cosplay clothes. im not making fun of it though cause i love
    naruto too!?

  2. more like .
    these 2 have obviously only seen naruto and they say you have to change
    your self and do weird stuff to become an anime freak -.- shut up that not
    it! your an anime freak if u love anime and u can call your self an anime
    freak just love it. so dont listen to them pls dont want any weaboos like
    them on the street XD (weaboos look it up :P)?

  3. i will take wat i learned today to become the biggest anime fan… and ill
    be more powerful then you’d ever imagine ^_^ SAO 4LIVE?

  4. wax your eyebrows. gosh, start a purging regiment now to avoid (though
    unlikely) the fatness the will come. drugs ->good. maybe you won’t have
    self esteem issues (though unlikely). i wish you the best (though
    unlikely). how did youtube suggest this video??

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