Keychain Naruto

Keychain Naruto
Why is everyone against anime obsessed with Naruto?

I went to the lat weekend covention anime and most of the people were buying things naruto above all else as k-on and vampires rosary and aww how nice screaming when they see a flash naruto sasuke is that beause good from what I read in the manga its just dragging and just has some point

hey, is a good anime. sure continues, but has a point. its been around for a long time some people have grown up watching that, which is a special kind of people that way. and its still ongoing. its popular because people like and people like it because its good. end of story … All Enemies are trying to appear more "educated" when it comes to being "otaku." Actually, people can like naruto and other animes too. and you alone, because as Naruto does not care or do anything right-_-

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