Akatsuki Kisame

Akatsuki Kisame
Naruto Shippuden Question: Who is your favorite Akatsuki?

More like a poll eh? Who is your favorite members Akatsuki? Pein? Konan? Madara? Deidara? Zetsu? Hidan? Kakuzu? Kisame? Itachi? Orochimaru? Give reasons why your

Deidara. Because … 1. Was hot. And 19! The good die young! TT 2. It was artistic. Nothing hotter than a hot, artistic, dude. 3. He had incredible fighting prowess. Unique. I mean, a clay bomb ninja? Impressive. And the mouths of his hands were a little weird, but compared to Zestu or Kisame, they were downright normal (and a little cold).

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