Anbu Kakashi

Anbu Kakashi
How did Kakashi get his Sharingan?

Even if I have a theory on how he got it.I I play the game and ninja Kakashi last two Anbu not seem to have the Sharingan. So i figure that his friend Obito Uchiha must have been a gift to die as he was pulling his eye.Then Sharingan Kakashi surgery had to take to get an eye on what explains the scar.Correct me if Im wrong

uh …. Heres the story of Kakashi Sharingan. future fourth Hokage (forgot name) asked Obito Kakashi and Rin a gift to do to become a Jounin. Rin gives him, but Obito (who hates cowards and do Kakashi activates his Sharingan) Kakashi was not a gift. the future Fourth Hokage Kakashi was his gift, a special kunai. the future, then the fourth Hokage their said they had a mission, Kakashi and will be in charge (the mission was something about the war is to fight kononha). Kakashi, Obito, Rin and fourth Hokage went ahead and meet the enemy. Kakashi tries his new jutsu, the sheet lightning. and it has not worked is because Kakashi tooo fast to see your enemy when he uses the blade of lightning. Kakashi then missing. and the future Fourth Hokage comes to the rescue. Kakashi rin successfully captured and refuses to save and it was then that Obito said: "No to complete their mission shinobi garbage, but not Shinobis help rescue a comrade who are worse than (or some thing). following to save Obito Kakashi rin. in the way Kakashi and Obito was attacked and it was then that Obito Kakashi got his Sharingan and has a significant reduction in the left eye by his enemy. b = Obito Kakashi Rin and saves, but the enemy beaten by rocks. (Rin was in a cave where he was captured) Kakashi Obito seen is that will get crushed by a boulder pushing kakshi saved him and get your side straight crushed. Obito told Rin to give his left Sharingan to Kakashi as a gift for becoming a Jounin. Obito then dies. u can read this in the search for Naruto chapter 240 (approximately 245 or almost) I could not be 100% correct that u can check his call Urself Kakashi Gaiden (and therefore also between the "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuuden"

Anbu Kakashi

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