Cosplay Akatsuki

Cosplay Akatsuki
Sewing Akatsuki cloak?

Well, I have a big problem. On Saturday at Stanley Park (Vancouver, British Columbia, where I live.) It there is something called We love Con Day I plan to attend. Cosplay is optional, but I want to cosplay again. Cousin who lives in Calgary bought a coat for me for Christmas Akatsuki Cosplay. Although snow She was not able to come here for Christmas. For them, my coat Akasuki in Calgary … -.- 'Is it possible for Akatsuki sewing in a layer, like … A day and a half? (Friday and Saturday half). Itdoesn'tt be quality. Just stay together one day. That's it. Also, is there any tutorial demonstrates how to sew a final question – What kind of fabric should I use? Thank you! ^ _ ^

Here are a few sites explaining how to make one. Http: / / / index.php / Akatsuki_coat This person uses the finest clothes black / rayon, more expensive. Could probably buy a rag times cheaper. The red fabric was woven. —-

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