Cosplay Table

Cosplay Table
Who should I cosplay as, and how was I to do the trial?

Angol Month (Keroro) Ivy (Isabella Valentine) in the series of the soul Soul Calibur in his suit three seconds. (My favorite, but my mother would be too difficult Sayed mak.e) Himin (from Pretear) that Pretear wind. Rukia (Bleach) Shinigami in the trial. It is difficult to decide, and Bentonville Arkansas Anime Festival will be here soon for the fall. I have half to begin to write the costume away becuz could take some time to do so. pluss it will be my first cosplay so it's hard to choose. At least I have my Insara for my work will be on the table artist (if my mother will pay money for it) …

Cosplay I spent two years so I understand. First, you have no experience in the manufacture of clothing, you must use basic models for the creation of cosplays. Unless you have experience, so feel free to go crazy, even if it did, I wonder why you need help. Second, time. Cosplays probably take about a month if you're willing to put in a great effort. As it is summer, will have much time, I hope. However, since you are a beginner, I suggest you do or Rukia Himeno, by the fact that Angol Month and Ivy support. Angol Month has a charming staff, which will probably involve lots of paper mache. If you are ready devote much time, okay. Ivy seems impossible, even for me, giving this would be very difficult to replicate things gold. You may have to wear a swimsuit trend, but it should be changed. Himeno seems simple enough, get a pattern skirt, etc., etc. Not much to go with it. Simple, easy, and doubtless the impression that you do not have to do much more difficult to get somethign done. But the best choice, I would say Rukia, it is based was a true style of dress, a kimono and hakama at the top. You just want to find models for the two of them, it easy. Get a plastic sword, lacquer, and bingo, you're done. The only reason I know is how easy it is to do the year Last my friend did her first cosplay and it makes good home for him. Anyway, this is only advice, please take it or not, the final decision is yours. I do not know if it helped, but I hope so.

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