Kakashi Wallet

Kakashi Wallet
Does anyone know where to get anime wallets?

Im looking for a wallet, not a purse or a long wallet, just a normal wallet. I’ve been searching for an anime wallet. I was hoping to get a wallet with either Kakashi from naruto on it, or some other naruto wallet. Or one with japanese writing on, be it hiragana, katakana or kanji. One thing I’d absoloutly LOVE is to find a wallet with Usagi-san from Junjou romantica on it!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I live in the UK btw for anything online)

Hiya such a shame you didnt post a week earlyer i would of suggested you go to the biggest uk anime convention just gone last weekend you can get such awsome stuff from there next one mcm london expo is in october check out my group for updates


but this is what i have found





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