Naruto Digital

Naruto Digital
Where can I find a decent place Mangaka?

I am looking for a good manga, not a gun filled with terribly Catgirl fanart Naruto generic soft colors or digital art. Deviantart is nice, but when I search for manga artists with a unique style that I can get some of the more God terrible, I go out my eyes with a rusty Spork art I've ever seen, and I saw Ygallery! I'm not the greatest artist to ever walk the planet, but at least I'm decent. I just want to see and talk with other artists decent. I searched Google, but I just get "how draw sites, and people who are telling others how to draw should not be.

I do not know if you can talk to real artists for the manga but you can try an email to people who own the site and see if they can tell the artists who can be contacted. It is actually just a site that offers various output manga, small and large. The site is: I do not know if you've tried before, but if not, try. I know you can send an e-mail the people who run the site, because you ask them to send a mail to complaints or suggestions for different manga. Good luck.

Naruto Digital

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