Naruto Pendant

Naruto Pendant
How do I clean my necklace? I do not know what their facts?

I have this necklace: And I receive each day. I do not know what it is made of, but the pendant and chain of different metal. Part of the station to reach my neck turns now brown and the back of the pendant is marked so keep up the shirt now. The front of the pendant does not shine as before, when you wash with water seems better, but the more I the faster it goes back to being boring, so now I'm afraid of washing. I'm afraid to use jewelry cleaner on it because I do not know how this will affect the red plastic on the forehead, the whole thing, he does not know what is done. How do I take care of her, and how I get your shine? Keep in mind that I do not want to erode my necklace, I want to last as long as possible.

Reason is because their pigmentation is brown false metal and oils from your skin will spoil. there is nothing you can do to not lose the necklace now, but if I had to pick a new one can put a thin layer of transparent enamel on the back of it and I do not turn brown, like the last.

Naruto Pendant

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