Phone Charm

Phone Charm
Is there anyone to help me find a tutorail on how to make a phone charm origami creations?

plz i really wnt to learn make my own phone charms

You are aware that the origami is paper, right? It may not be the most practical material to use for the manufacture of amulets. I'll give you a good site that explains the various layers. Once you learn, finding a design that can be done (eg crane) and continue with an increasingly smaller until you get the size of charm. Then open a very small hole in it to insert a ring go to connect it to anything you have hanging up. I think a better idea is to make designs with shrinking of Fine Arts. This is a product that can be reduced to charm size in the oven. Do a web search for instructions on how to use it. I think it would be more practical charms of origami. Http: / / /

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