Pvc Figure

Pvc Figure
What is a PVC figure from the anime?

That, and you have to paint or pre-painted?

Unless you are considering a polymer clay figure (anime), not sure what would be referred. Polymer clay is a type of plastic PVC, however, and many people use it for numbers. (Some brands do Fimo, Premo, Kato Polyclay, and various Cernit Sculpey – Sculpey some are not strong in all areas * thin, after curing, however.) polymer clay that hardens in the heat (usually in low temperature, 15-30 min, in an oven at home), and clays are often used colors, but also can be painted after curing – usually with two coats of acrylic paint (Do not use paint or clear finishes are oil, although based solvent in polymer clay). (If you are interested in clay figurines polymer, at least you can check these pages my site: http://glassattic.com/polymer/sculpture.htm (Look on websites * including *) http://glassattic.com/polymer/kids_beginners.htm (Look in the sculpture category * * particular) Some figures are also prefabricated basic types of "resin" or ground clays, and can be painted in different ways I suppose. HTH, Diane B.

Pvc Figure

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