Strife Figure

Strife Figure
Need help with a question of history!?

"How how European colonists carved up Africa 1800s led to civil unrest in several African countries again? "It has caused a lot of civil war between countries, is not? or something … I do not remember … I can solve this problem. (The story is flying out there that can lend a hand?

I am no expert, but I know I do not take into account the many different political and cultural differences between tribes. Territories that have long been among tribes in power are most relevant in terms of European settlers were worried. Besides the struggle for control of natural resources and land, the people Africa have been regarded as more goods. The prejudices established during this period are directly responsible for apartheid and oppression of black Africans in general still exists today. Because the division of the continent for England and other nations the colonial era, people who have had enormous cultural differences or disputes with other longstanding tribes have been thrown together independently. After the decline of colonialism, the country remains full of people who have little in common who were to govern despite their differences. Imagine another country to come along and say, and the United States and China, although China is a communist country and the United States is a democracy, a nation now – find a way to make it work. It is likely that civil war would break, right? Maybe this will give you a place to pass an exam.

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