Tidus Necklace

Tidus Necklace
Why are the protagonists of Final Fantasy is why many "Pretty"?

Firstly, had FF7 Cloud Strife with shaggy blond hair and slopes. Then Squall from FF8 came with his brown hair similar. Then there is Tidus from FF10 with earrings, necklace, and even tanned skin. They are all nice "Do not you think? Men are still feminine qualities is what I say.

They do it for attract players from Japan. They love this kind of thing. There is a certain model of cute boys and men are found in Japanese anime and games. I do not know about you, but I think because it makes women search men seem to be more sensitive, and everyone knows that some girls will for men really sensitve. The developers are aware of the girls and try to target accordingly. Some people here in America are not like that (especially boys). However, my defense is that it is a Japanese game made for the Japanese to assume that will look different. I am sure that if a hero Final Fantasy was desingn some muscley, hyper jerk boys, girls do not feel the same about the character.

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