Anime Poster

Anime Poster
Looking for anime posters?

Any idea where I can find a poster of Negima! (That's the title I'm not excited) I do not want rolls wall, but I seem to be having a hard time finding any of them. If not any idea what kind of store that would have to go to get them to make me one?

I do not know where you live, but if there is a "Chinese city" you could walk around through.They usually have shops selling anime / manga / posters /-chrome / etc. If not, you can try a comic store. You can check your local listings or Google for them. But call ahead to make sure you take things related with anime, because some are so DC / Marvel stuff. Also, if you live in Canada check out which has a list of places that can get things related to anime in each province. It's a bit old (updated in 2002 I think). But it works. ^ – ^ I still remember to call ahead to its not a wild goose chase. Hope that helps. poster Happy hunting!

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