Brooch Badge

Brooch Badge
I have a plate dated 11/06/1911, Coronation Day. Two balloons on each side of a lady. Where I can get valued,

This plate IT HAS A HALLMARK IN. Globes ARE GRAPHIC WITH BLUE PARTS OF THE COUNTRY IN COLOR WITH SILVER AND LADY STATUE HOLDER RED.THE holds a long-handled, which stands LEAVES.IT on a bed is a snap with PIN.ABOUT 1.5 inches tall and 2.5 inch balloons ABOUT LONG.THE a necklace of leaves around ellos.Al do CORONATION DATE AND DATE IS IN A DARK BLUE LADY BACKGROUND.THE is superior to balloons. SU silver.

hola I do not think that the best place is to go to an auction house or antique dealer, but make sure you have about three valuations and do not just take the first as it is. the problem is that some antiques dealers will give you a price ass and then offer to remove it for little money, but if you try more than three you should get a real value of its value. Hope this helps ….

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