Color Ring

Color Ring
What is my state of mind when a certain color in the ring of mood disorders?

What is my mood when my mood ring turns blue-ish purple-ish as mixed or when it becomes completely green and a darker tone, no light.

Here is the E-link to my Google blog with my version of "Colors mood ring chart:" Blue-ish Purple-ish "In" Mood Ring ", would be included in the" Mood Color, Indigo Blue / Dark, "which is included in my" Mood Color Chart "with" mood " to access this "color" A. "Dark Green" in the Ring "mood" in my "color humor is included in" green " rather than separately under its own category. "Dark / deep ecology" in the "mood ring", more precisely means "a little quiet, but more serious and sensitive emotions, envy / jealousy, passions, moods, restless, full of doubt, a little anxious, agitated, Nervous, stressed, Down and fear

Color Ring

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