Naruto Anti

Naruto Anti
Who is an anti-karin here? [NARUTO]?

then why I really hate that Karin and the best answer will get the best response and five stars .. karin [Naruto] GO!

Now I do not know about you but the moment I laid eyes on it immediately irritated me for it. Not only look a lot like Sasuke, but she's slobbering all over him! I mean what is preferred partner with Sakura more … but I will not … … Do not stand by and see the b **** m ***** s ****** ****** S * U * L * T in the heat of drip drool all over her beautiful face. I prefer to be alone for the rest of his life to take the taste her in any romantic way! I feel like you and I can not stand it either. She's af ****** b **** who always wants your attention .. Sasuke! you gotta be hard! Kill her !!!!!!!

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