Naruto Ultimate

Naruto Ultimate
How to unlock all jutsu Final Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

I do not understand how to unlock all the ultimate jutsus Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. I unlocked all through the RPG mode, but I can not use them. Whenever we try to give a character that says I necessary elements. How do I get these items, exactly?

To obtain the necessary elements for the Ultimate Jutsu, you need to scroll to the store exchanges. After each mission, return to Highway Village Center and tour the collection of manuscripts which are marked by orange dots on the map. It is best to set up a batch of rolls, for each item in the store is at least 10-40 rolls each. Thus when you have enough rolls, go to the store and buy the rolls generally it has gathered. Continue "dates" can sometimes give you the dates scrolls.You are generally in March and given a gift would be a necessary element for the Ultimate Jutsu. Note-if: a date is when you walk with one of the characters.

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