Figure Vol

Figure Vol
What Morganville Vampires Vol 2?

I saw it online, but I cannot imagine what it is

I think we're talking of the new 2-in-1 book. The first volume, containing Glass House & Dead Girls Dance [book [one-two]] can be found here: =? ie = UTF8 & s = books & qid = sr_1_10 1274476113 & sr = 1-10 The second volume contains Midnight Alley and Feast of Fools [Books [three and four series]] can be found here: ie = UTF8 & s = books & qid = 1274476113 & sr = 1-11 So basically, it's just books 3 and 4 of the series in a book. The books in order: 1. Glass House 2. Dead Girls Dance * 3. Alley midnight * 4. Feast of Fools 5. Lord of Misrule 6. Carpe Corpus in July. Faint 8. Kiss of death 9. Ghost Town [[Coming soon! ]] ? GL;; Happie

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