Mog Moogle

Mog Moogle
Is there Moogles in Final Fantasy VII ???????!?

well, so I watched this video FFXII and I'm like "WTF ENIX fucked The Moogles, "then I complained and my friend asked what Moogle then said then said they had seen in Kingdom Hearts and I was," Yes, it seems that all games have a different job … in FFXI who helped make a difference in your Mog House in the heart of things sythensized kingdom (the spelling) FFVII and that …. wait …. Oo "Has anyone seen a Moogle IN FFVII ?!?!?!!!

Yes of course! The Gold Saucer in the gallery, there is a game called "Mog House". Feed the Moogle in the game and help them fly. You also have to impress the woman also contributes Moogle to fly again.

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