Comic Book

Comic Book
How can I make photos look like cartoons?

I want to have photos together to make them look like a cartoon but I (not want) Photoshop. I wonder if there is no program or free sites that can add to this effect.

systems Kodak grid are free and have options for testing up to 12 pictures. These sites are the promotion of Tho, in general the idea of animation is a two step approach to art. We selected portions of the face and copy and save. The logo of the network and cut the pieces stored in another file, this is an entertaining series. Now, using a color phase bear in mind a single variable is the heat. Hearts, hands, feet, knees, grease, sweat or areas may show effects of heat. So lighten the area and make the color very well in the heat, is the direct effect comic strip. Choose colors without yellow, blue or brown green wood for water alignment own image. Care Red is the color of life. A good manager project is to verify

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