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Action Figures
My WWE Action Figures Collection

Action Figures
What is the best way to sell my old WWF figurines E-Bay?

I have more than thirty figures and numerous accessories. They were in a box in my closet for nearly ten years, most are in good condition, the arms in a couple is a little loose. What is the best strategy for sold individually or as a set up?

It depends on what your numbers are standard, they are complete and in good shape and are years 1980 or more, there is a higher price for them and can sell them separately. If they are incomplete, or wear numbers, the better to sell as much. Also alternative to selling on Ebay is available for sale in the library websites that have a section of the forum with a market area. Try to switch to selling a picture and the price of a market in the Forums here: This way you will not have to pay Ebay.

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