Hidden Mist

Hidden Mist
Hidden Leaf VS Hidden Mist

Hidden Mist
Then the fans of Harry Potter to see through the fog?

The Mist is a magical force that hides the magic mortals. Hecate told me that Fans of Harry Potter magic happens sometimes but always fatal. Half the blood of my world is half god, half mortal, so they can Seeing through the fog and you can be wrong, but what about fans of Harry Potter? Say if a God and a centaur (Hermes and Chiron are talking about a foot) must pass a fan of Harry Potter, you will see the god and centaur or go see something else … like a man on a horse?

1 seconds Percy * Festus Flys to a group HP Fan * Hey! She looks at me, I can do magic better than you! * The flames broke into his hands *

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