Ino Cosplay

Ino Cosplay
Cosplay Ideas ???????

All right. This is the case. My friend and I are big fans of the anime time. And we need ideas for a cosplay. Here is the topic. "Naruto" characters that we have today are …. Sakura. Sasuke. Gaara. Ino Naruto. And Hinata. Including Random Ninjas. Here is where we need your help. Give me a place like the park. A forest or in the yard? Macdonal? Anywehere. What should we do? Dance? Contest Eating? Wasting time? ^ _ ^ Please help. :) I like the idea Whoevers will give a shout out to them. Arigato! <3

One might think that boys like you were a cool band like Akatsuki. Go to start assassinating own group, but not completely. you should have a shelter. You are so awesome about it, but not really complete. You'll kill insert random evil "(or mhuahahahahhaha sasuke) But of course, you fail completely. As a parody. In addition, the characters could be on top. P = not know maybe he likes, maybe not XD Good luck anyway = D

Ino Cosplay

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