Japan Usa

Japan Usa
Japan was at war with China in the Second World War, why the U.S. has caused Japan to Pearl Harbor?

U.S. People do not want to participate in the Second World War because there was no reason. Why Japan has decided to have more enemies if it was China? When I was fighting on school days, the stupid thing to do was throw a donkey viewer. I see no logic in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Japan had to import steel and oil to the United States, or obtain it from Southeast Asia and Pacific. U.S. Pacific protected, not sold especially steel and oil, Japan is required. They met at a point of no return, if the attack while the U.S. still had to use oil, or one year, the park would not be enough oil fight. They chose not to abandon their dream of owning the resouces of East Asia and Pacific region, so it has found no alternative but to attack the United States. a bad choice!

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