Wig Hair

Wig Hair
How much would a good human hair wig cost?

I have dyed their hair for years. And it was not the healthiest hair, but not was horrible. Until recently when bleached again. I am an aspiring model and actress, so I need a hair looking healthy! I'm looking for a wig, which have to look real. But how long would be a good human hair wig? Cost thanks (:

The costs of good human hair wigs vary. I've had some decent human hair wigs cost as little as $ 45 and have had some that costs in the hundreds. There are lace front wigs that are supposed to look more natural than human hair wigs, but to each his own on the subject. I used to use lace wigs, but could not keep up with costs and decided medium and tissue wear wigs instead. This site has lots of good information on lace wigs if that's what you're looking for. Http: / / forum.blackhairmedia.com / forum_posts.asp? TID = 42969

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