Tifa Cosplay

Tifa Cosplay
Tifa Lockhart cosplay help?!?

Okay, so I'm Tifa Lockhart cosplay as Anime Expo 2009. I have the costume, hair, shoes, and the situation ring under control. The only problem is I need earrings. Does anyone know where I can buy an exact replica of their pending or how he could make them? I can not find them on Ebay more …. but if anyone can it would be incredibly useful. Thanks!

The chances of finding an official reply are slim to none, unfortunately. A lot of things that just is not around and sold more. You can ask someone on a website as if they have a set cosplay.com and are willing to part with it, but it is a remote possibility. Them would be quite difficult. Fortunately it is a fairly common style. Do a search for "Silver Tears" with jewelry sites and you'll come with a lot. Http: / / www.amazon.com/Stretch-Teardrop-Sterling-Silver-earrings/dp/B000JC1B4S/ref=sr_1_26? ie = UTF8 & s = jewelry and four times a day = 1242023165 & sr = 1-26 These are very, very close. The locking system is different, but I doubt anyone is going to point it out. Good luck in your search! I'm sure we'll make a wonderful Tifa.

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