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Valkyrie Profile
PSX Valkyrie Profile: Bracelet of Zoe?

Valkyrie Profile 1 fans Hello, Does anyone here remember bracelet Zoe? Element that allows characters to increase the VP1 300 DME each time you level? My question is, if you equip two (2) Bracelets Zoe will become more DME DME 600? Or is this something that can not cope? Help!

Good question. :) I was wondering about this, and, finally, assumes that the effect is doubled when a character with two bracelets Zoe, but I did not really confirmed … theory. So now I got to test it with a level 1 Badrach: Your first HP (level 1) was 800, a level that did not strap, became 876 (the first trial) and 889 (second attempt), Hitting level 2 with a bracelet, HP became the 1174 (first attempt) and 1167 (second attempt), Hitting level 2, two bracelets, became in 1499 (first attempt) and 1498 (second attempt) that is (approximately) an additional 300 x 2!

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