Figures Anime

Figures Anime
What is a good site / book on how to draw male and female figures of anime?

I'm having a hard time looking for some. I have looking forward to doing some good pictures to send @ school, but I can not find a good site that gives me experience helps. All it does is help the armor. = (I've also gone to the library to find books, but this is a limited resource in my library. = (. And it's hard to find on the web too, because when you write a simple keyword, you get a million results, half do not have anything to do with its main theme. So if you know anything, help! And thank you very much! Anything (that is useful!) is greatly appreciated!

Try these first to improve the anatomy drawing skills: free to view, and done by a professional in the industry. For anime characters, check out these books: How to draw anime and game characters, Volume 1: Basics for beginners and beyond how to draw Anime & Game, Volume 2: expressions that must be open at most comic shops. good tutorials: http://www.bakaneko. com / howto / incoming / ~ / Cheers Cheers!

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