Gaara Kakashi

Gaara Kakashi
Kakashi and Gaara tribute

Gaara Kakashi
In Naruto … How to get the Sharingan Kakashi?

In the beging he says he has the Sharingan Sasuke clan, as Gaara is Use only the sand and the clan can use Neji Bakugan (i totally written by some bad). So how the hell did Kakashi the Sharingan if Sasuke only in the clan … and he and his brother are the only ones left??

He co-driver (Obito Uchiha) was about to die from being crushed by a rock and decided to give his Sharingan Kakashi for his gift to become a Jonin. Of course, Kakashi had recently lost his left eye in the fight against type. It's why Obito gave his eye just woke Sharingan. You can see the two episodes that explain this in or read at: @ Home Cape. 238 hp. 244

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