Characters Poster

Characters Poster
New Idea! – Naruto Character Poster!

Characters Poster
I have to do a movie poster of the new Black Like Me?

There may be one that looks like a real movie poster, since the book has already a film. You must have a connection to the novel, drawing in an audience, I must say playing the main characters, I need a hook or catch phrase which is important for the book, you need a partition of R or PG-13, and I must explain what the objective would be. Does anyone have a idea on I can do for a poster? Thank you.

It's a great story. Maybe draw a picture of a man eager to head in his hands – The black side and white. 20in Something like this:%% 20hands.jpg You get the idea. Whether which will play the main character: It is possible that George Clooney? Would probably be rated PG, PG-13 perhaps. The aim would be age 16-35. Hope this helps.

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