Fantasy Tidus

Fantasy Tidus
Dissidia: Final Fantasy Tidus vs Jecht New Gameplay Footage!!!

Fantasy Tidus
What exactly happens to Tidus at the end of Final Fantasy X and X-2?

And how is he living in Zanarkand 1000 years before and end up in Spira 1000 years later?

1000 years before the events in Final Fantasy X, there was this huge machina war between Zanarkand and Bevelle. Since Bevelle had superior machina, they were pretty much going to wipe out Zanarkand entirely. Not wanting their beloved city to be completely wiped from existence, the surviving citizens of Zanarkand attempted to preserve Zanarkand, even if it was simply in the form of a dream–and that is exactly what they did. Yu Yevon, the great summoner from Zanarkand, willingly took the souls of the surviving Zanarkand citizens and turned them into fayth for the summoning of the dream Zanarkand. However, if you’ve played Final Fantasy X, you know that a fayth is a soul that is trapped inside a statue (usually in a temple), and whenever a summoner calls forth a fayth, it appears as an aeon. In this case, despite the fact that the purpose of the fayth was to call forth the dream version of the city of Zanarkand, Yu Yevon was also using another fayth to summon something else: Sin. More specifically, he was using the fayth of the last Final Aeon that defeated Sin to summon a new Sin. And the gigantic whale-like outer shell is actually armor that Yu Yevon crafts using the souls of the dead in order to protect himself and his current Final Aeon. If you’re curious as to where these dream Zanarkand summoning fayth are actually located, it is on Mount Gagazet right after you leave the snowy peak where you fight Seymour Flux (the third Seymour fight) and before you enter the cave; all those creepy looking bodies in the walls of the mountain that are emmiting that eerie blue smoke that causes Tidus to pass out and revist dream Zanarkand…yeah those are the fayth summoning dream Zanarkand and Tidus. And the summoner actually doing the summoning is of course, Yu Yevon, that bug-like thing that you fight at the very end of Final Fantasy X.

Tidus was a citizen of dream Zanarkand. When the citizens of the Zanarkand destroyed 1000 years ago in the machina war attempted to preserve their city, not only did they dream up the city itself, they also dreamed up all the people living in Zanarkand before it was destroyed, including Tidus. Popular belief is that all the citizens of dream Zanarkand are physically based on actual people who were living in Zanarkand at the time of the machina war, as opposed to being random people created by the imaginations of the fayth. Presumably, this would mean Tidus’s physical appearance was based on Shuyin, who lived in Zanarkand during the time of the machina war and appeared in Final Fantasy X-2. However, it is safe to presume that Tidus’s appearance is as far as his similarities to Shuyin go; his personality is completely his own (and not based off of Shuyin’s personality).

As for how Tidus ended up in Spira, you have to go to the Final Fantasy X Ultimania guide to really understand it. First off, he didn’t travel 1000 years through time; the dream Zanarkand was in Spira during the events in Final Fantasy X has always been there since it was summoned 1000 years ago and he simply moved from it to Spira via Sin. According to the Ultimania guide, the dream Zanarkand is actually located somewhere in Spira (and not on top of Sin as popularly believed). Sin (who is Jecht, Tidus’s father) wanted somebody to watch over Tidus in his absence, and thus took Auron into the dream Zanarkand (since only Sin is able to travel to dream Zanarkand for some reason, and could take Auron without any problems because Auron is already dead). There, Auron watched over Tidus for 10 years (as he promised Jecht before Jecht went off to become a fayth for Braska’s Final Aeon), before witnessing the return of Sin (Jecht) who returned to take them both back to Spira, since he wanted Tidus to experience “the real world.” And that is where Final Fantasy X begins…

At the end of Final Fantasy X, Yu Yevon’s defeat would mean the defeat of the “summoner” that had been using the fayth to summon Dream Zanarkand, and thus would also mean the end of all of their summoning entirely. This means that everything Yu Yevon was summoning would end, which meant the end of Sin, the end of dream Zanarkand, and the end of all the dream people living in dream Zanarkand, including Tidus. Tidus had been aware of this fact ever since he spoke with the fayth of Bahamut in Bevelle, and had accepted his fate. So after Sin was destroyed and Yu Yevon was defeated, all the fayth left their statue prisons and were allowed to go to the Farplane and rest with the rest of the souls of the dead. This, of course, meant that dream Zanarkand would disappear, along with all the dream citizens, including Tidus (all the bubbles with the images of people inside of them that you saw popping during the ending cutscene were the dream citizens of Zanarkand disappearing).

Yadi-yada, Tidus apologizes to Yuna for not being able to show her Zanarkand, Yuna tells him she loves him (or says “Thank you” if you’re playing the Japanese version), Tidus jumps off the airship very epically and unnecessarily…The End.

…or is it? After the credits at the end of Final Fantasy X, we see one last video of Tidus swimming happily up to the surface…to where?

This is where the great debate begins. What exactly happened to Tidus between Final Fantasy X and the end of Final Fantasy X-2? Some say he was in the Farplane…which is confirmed at two points in Final Fantasy X-2′s story. When Yuna first falls down into the hole in Djose Temple where the fayth of Ixion used to be into Farplane and has her run-in with Shuyin, followed by an encounter with Nooj and Gippal, if the player repeatedly presses X (or O, depending on what version you have), Tidus whistles continously and leads Yuna out of the Farplane. Also, after beating Vegnagun and Shuyin, as Yuna leaves the Farplane, if the player again presses X (or O), Tidus whistles again, and then Bahamut’s fayth appears and asks Yuna if she wants to “walk with him (Tidus) again”. If the player answers “Yes” but you haven’t completed certain required tasks in the game, you get what is commonly known as the “Bittersweet Ending” where a semi-transparent image of Tidus appears in the farplane and hugs Yuna from behind, and a less epic repeat of the Final Fantasy X ending occurs. Both these scenes support the theory that Tidus was in the Farplane the entire time.

However, the game contradicts itself, since during your first visit to Guadosalam, Yuna explicitly states that no matter how many times she’s visited the Farplane, she doesn’t see Tidus. You can’t argue that it is because he’s a dream, since Tidus was able to see his mother in the Farplane in Final Fantasy X despite the fact that she was also a dream. Another popular theory (the one I like the most, if that matters =D) is that Tidus was following Yuna around the entire time like…a guardian angel of sorts. The biggest evidence of this (on top of the many subtle hints throughout Final Fantasy X-2′s gameplay) is the minigame in Luca in Chapter 5 where Yuna chases around a moogle that only she can see. Presumably, that moogle was Tidus showing Yuna all the great memories they had.

Anyway forget that. As long as you don’t suck while playing Final Fantasy X-2 and complete enough required events, and you aren’t a Tidus x Yuna hater and answer “No” when the fayth asks you if you want to walk with Tidus again, the fayth grant Yuna a reward for saving the world a second time. They recreate dream Tidus and re…dream/summon…him…or whatever you wanna call it…and Tidus reappears in Besaid 3 years after disappearing off the airship in Final Fantasy X. You get this in what is commonly known as the “Good Ending.” It also confirms that the scene at the end of Final Fantasy X is Tidus swimming up to the surface of the ocean around Besaid Island 3 years later. Also, if you get 100% game completion, you get what is known as the “Perfect Ending,” which has an extra scene with Tidus and Yuna in Zanarkand on the famous ledge where Tidus watches the sunset. Tidus explains his theory of the fayth taking his memories and recreating him from them, and also that he and Yuna will always be together as long as they cherish each other (yes it is very…very cheesy, and Yuna must’ve thought so too because she promptly shoves him off the ledge).

The End…for real. Er…well unless you’re one of the people who are lucky enough to have the international/PAL version (*shakes fist*)…you get an extra tibit, where three months later it is revealed that Tidus and Yuna spend their all their time walking on the beach in Besaid talking and enjoying life while Yuna also enjoys experimenting on what to cook for Tidus. Wow.

*sings* Reunited and it feels so good…

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