Plush Figure

Plush Figure
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Plush Figure
My mother is still waiting for our large burrows to recover items. Can be trained to retrieve burrows?

I have two large burrows. A wheat lying and an Irish terrier (terrier rare that is similar to an Airedale). They are very well behaved dogs. Smart and good sense of humor. Him I keep saying to my mother that are not retrievers terriers. They are hunters of rodents and ground search in the soil. They also try to obtain land snakes. I would not look for snakes, we live in Florida and may unearth a coral snake. Extremely toxic. One would think that after seven years my mother realize that we do not recover burrows. In fact, go behind something (a toy or a plush ball) and play with you stay away. As a game A fun game I might add.

that can be taught to retrieve ….. it can not be the first choice of things to do, but ….. can be taught.

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