Sephiroth Plush

Sephiroth Plush
Are my Plushies machine washable and Dryable?

I have 4 Plushies, Vincent Valentine and Sephiroth from Final fantasy VII and then I have Ciel and Sebastian from the black butler. I smoke and stuff so they smell like my cigarettes. Is it possible I can machine wash and dry them all?

This is what they look like. exact same ones.

For starters, both those Final Fantasy plush are bootlegs. Make sure they are made with safe materials before handling too closely.

Plush should not go in the washing machine. Take a clean cloth and get it wet. Ring it out so that is is barely damp. Gently blot at the plush fabric to clean any debris off and pull out some of the odor You can also try febreeze or a similar type of cleaner, but it may ruin the fabric so test it out on an unconspicuous spot.

Sephiroth Plush

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