Toy Doll

Toy Doll
So my child has a doll, big deal?

He chose his own shop and is very attached to her (he is 5 and has been since she has 2) I do not want to tell my son "you are a child what should be a certain way because society says, therefore can not have this doll, you know, I've never been one of givng on stereotypes of how people should be and my wife and I agreed not to impose gender stereotypes on our children (my daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs in the minutes as the ignorant is really strange, too.) Why do people have to be narrow-minded? A lady I know said: "it could not receive grandchildren that one "(which means it is gay, it's a stupid assumption, but does not bother me if he was gay) really bothers me what is the problem?? I'd rather be happy than anything else and if this toy is a comfort to him so I want others to grow and stop judging. peace

Dear Kelvin: You're right. There should be a very good thing and that is fine parents who allow him to be himself. All children develop an attachment to a doll or animal fur as they grow. This is normal. It has the makings of being a grandfather, and learn compassion and care he takes care of your wrist. U.S. only have stereotypes and prejudices against women. Europe has no such distinctions, and people do not give him one second thought. My son was a bear who, after playing in the birthplace of Mozart. Over the years, has leads to overnight trips, and even when he went to college. Although now on the shelf in the closet, still. It is not gay, and has friends of both genders, gays and others. Tell him how proud you are of him when he shows compassion and care of your wrist, a reminder that it What dads do. It was a good example in both. Good luck.

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