Haku Mask

Haku Mask
Can you tell me everything you know Haku from Naruto?

Like why is the mask, etc. .. The more information you have better response.

Haku Haku Character Analysis: Tool of The Country of the fog has had its share of civil wars, and always used his Shinobi with Advanced Bloodlines as the main weapons. Over time, those who have "Advanced Blood" came to be hated and feared. This forced people with advanced blood in hiding with to live in peace. Haku was one of the few people in the fog Advanced accumulated blood. When Haku was just a toddler, his father discovered that his wife was part an advanced bloodline. Haku father proceeded to kill his mother and then went after him. In the shock Haku killed his father and fled his small town, believing be a monster: a monster loved by anyone. That's the world of Naruto. com this is from wikipedia.com Haku was born in a snowy village in the Land of Water. During childhood Haku, wars ravaged the land of Water, and from those with Genkai kekkei were commonly used as the most terrifying instruments of war, many people feared and hated irrationally these people. Haku's mother possessed a Kekkei Genkai but kept secret from her husband and the rest of the people. Haku awakened this power when he was very young. By revealing this to his mother, she scolded him and ordered him to keep it secret. When Haku's father found that both were the owners of the dreaded Kekkei Genkai, murdered his wife and tried to do the same to Haku. Although still very young, Haku was able to dominate and kill him in his panic, apparently without realizing it until after the work was over. He wandered the Land of Water as an unwanted child, a beggar until he was found by Zabuza, who agreed to take him and only wanted to use as a tool. Haku is fiercely protective and dedicated to the greatest ninja to an end, the acceptance of life as essentially Zabuza office and asking Naruto to kill him when feared he could no longer be useful to his master. It is revealed in Chapter 316 of Genkai kekkei Haku actually comes from the ability to control two elements simultaneously, especially wind and water, and the creation of a new element to manipulate. Called "Hyoton" (Ice Jutsu) is similar to the first Hokage and Yamato Mokuton (Wood Jutsu). Haku is nice, but simple, a dramatic contrast Zabuza. It does not seem to change mentally, which suggests that personality never really did Zabuza rub on him, but is meant. Zabuza did not exactly treat you like family, but rather as a tool to be used, then discarded. The name "Haku (?) (J?y? is written in kanji) means "white" but also as a warning to his immaculate personality. family name is often seen Haku as Shiro (which also means "white"). However, it is Fanon, as this confusion is due to the Dub in Malaysia, in which the name was changed Shiro Haku in Episode 15. Haku is still very popular despite its relatively early death, usually appear on the lists of favorite character (Just as some of the flashbacks own Naruto, particularly during the Chunin exam arc). However, it has fallen into the top ten favorite characters. Haku was apparently stronger than Zabuza, as Zabuza said that over time, Haku's jutsu skills finally surpassed that of his family. Haku demonic ice mirror technique has been changed to Crystal Crystal Mirrors of ice in the U.S. dubbing ice crystals and Technology Magic Mirror on the manga by Viz. His bloodline is known as "Secret Art of Water" in the manga Viz. In chapter 316, reveals the blood line limit was known as Hyoton Haku. We worked through wind mixing and water-based chakra simultaneously to create ice.

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