Hand Bag

Hand Bag
Buddha Statue pearl hand bag Meaning legs crossed on the other hand Smile What does this mean?

I have a statue of Buddha that I can not understand meaning, even after searching everywhere online. He has a hand in a bag (bag of money?) And the other hand have accounts there. He is smiling. Does anyone know what this statue symbolizes? Also: Does anyone know of a site or guide that shows the meanings of all symbols of Buddha one place? Please help … Thanks!

This is actually a Bodhisattva, who has illuminated a right under the Buddha. The one is talking about is the Bodhisattva Maitreya, also known as the World Honored Future Buddha, who will teach Buddhism to the world after this world ended. Well .. Bodhisattva Maitreya is in fact in a sense, like Santa Claus with his bag of gifts. But the reason why the Bodhisattvas Maitreya (Future World Honored Buddha) shows the appearance of a fat, jolly man is much to do with his personality and compassionate giving. Bodhisattva Maitreya immense patience in which nothing can make unhappy. He is unchanging. If you spit on him allowed to dry up even in place to recognize the causes ill of others. If you wiped the saliva, would mean that had a negative impression on the Spitter and spits. Instead, his compassion leads him to no negative feelings towards anyone naked, no matter what. His patience makes him able to endure suffering. So that is Why is always laughing and smiling. He is always happy. Out of complete compassion for all living beings, the Bodhisattva Maitreya in practice practice of giving a great guy and compassion. That's why there is his bag of "gifts" that fulfills the desire of all. So it is also considered good luck and good fortune, because it meets the desire of your heart (in which that trust leads to people listening to the Dharma that he would teach along the way). In the portion of your donation, all the stomachs of their unhappiness and problems. All your problems, suffering, tears, problems, difficulties, etc. .. above, the stomachs for you and takes it, so I wrote the third paragraph of this response. And that's why your stomach is so big! That's all the suffering and sadness that takes away. It's like you're saying, "You do not want that suffering? Well, do not worry, I'll take it. I'm going to eat, break it down, and stomach all that sadness for you. I just want to be happy, so I will fulfill your wishes too. "Whatever people do not want it, stomachs for you. And what you want, you gives you, therefore, the gift bag. With his compassion and patience, he can take all that suffering. That's why I carry and the stomach for you. No problem with him. He can take. So I will take it. And what makes you smile, it will drop. This Bodhisattva is exceptional, happiness, generosity, patience and compassion. Has been granted by the prediction of Buddha that he will be the next Buddha of this world. When the dharma has been completely forgotten in this world and the world over by human ills, the Bodhisattva Maitreya achieve complete and adequate lighting equally to all the Buddhas, and be the next Buddha to teach the world, the earth. It will introduce the Dharma of Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha as the Buddha Dharma presents this world as Siddhartha.

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