Hat Fleece

Hat Fleece
I am looking for a non-thing, destination, reason for polar cap?

I can not find the pattern for this hat everywhere I saw children, however. It seems that two triangles that have been linked. The hat is a point, is very long and the children of upper primary can easily go around their necks. I just need a model that gives the dimensions of those long triangles.

If you have not tried Google and Dogpile, I suggest trying Dogpile first time. Write something like "seamless fleece hat pattern free" in the search box and see what is there. Dogpile say first because it searches through other research, including Google. If you've tried, I say find someone wearing a hat and politely ask to be measured. Bring a tape measure in his pocket when he can be probable that one of these hats to someone. As you measure progress, checking all the angles and subtle. Measure the sides and measure from the center bottom. Measuring a wool yarn tied together, too. Remember that you need more length to a node that you expect, so be generous to determine the length connecting bands.

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