Kakashi Poster

Kakashi Poster
I'm a fan of Avatar you need help with a poster of Naruto.?

Ok, so I'm doing this for Naruto to correspond to these three posters Avatar I made. Kakashi need a quote that adds the position of the season was the first (it should be a quote from the first season). I used a book like "The world has been waiting one hundred years of the Avatar to return and finally end this war." Book Two, I I do not know if you notice, but things tend to go smoothy for our group. "Book three, I used" If we do not defeat the Firelord before the comet comes, there will be no world to save more. "So what are quoted to say Kakashi would be preferable summarize the first season?

"To quote" is a verb. "Appointment" is the correct term.

Kakashi Poster

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