Necklace Naruto

Necklace Naruto
Your naruto stuff?

A list of my naruto stuff:
naruto CON
naruto CON2
naruto artbook
anime profiles1-38
anime profiles 38-80
52 posters
one wall scroll
naruto collector 1,3,4
naruto ninja council
naruto shadow box(manga vol 1-27)
alot of naruto ccg cards
some shonnen jump issues
cast metal kinai
kakashi gloves
leaf head band
sharingan necklace

All I need is a t-shirt T.T

So what do you got?

Akatsuki coat
All the manga issues up till now
All the Naruto episodes from one to 220 on Dvd’s in French & Japanese & also all shippuuden ones in Japanese subbed
A box of real Kunais & Shurikens (not form Naruto but the real ones & sharp too)
Sasuke’s black outfit
Gloves & T Shirts
Posters (lots of them)
The games
& a Katana

Necklace Naruto

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