Scarf Anime

Scarf Anime
girls, is it Christmas gift for me a beautiful GF?

This Christmas, I wanted to do something special for my daughter. The most important thing is not a douchebag 28 to give a stuffed panda as a gift to her (which is so general and so boring) My daughter is a big fan of anime, especially in the pokemon (both were born in this generation) And I remember a conversation we had, she told me that his favorite was Pokemon Dratini. Nothing too fancy, I just wanted you to know that the thinking of her during the time we were away from each other. . . Http: / / /? Action = view & current = DSC00019.jpg The scarf season was added by me, as in the case.

Yes It is much dungeon He added the scarf, it is still> more adorable. <

Scarf Anime

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