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Anime Yuna
Anime Central 2003 – #61 Yuna Rikku Paine Final Fantasy X-2

Anime Yuna
In Final Fantasy X-2, which makes this necklace (photo included) symbolize? What is character?

I saw this necklace in a store runs, and was written almost entirely in Japanese. I have no idea what brought this necklace charecter or what it symbolizes. Here is the photo. Http: / / Hash = item3ca8a14be2 Please give as much detail as possible. Thank you. :-)

Sorry, I did not find much information this necklace. But here is a picture that might help your research, because of the fact that I have a PS2 (damn economy!) + @ Informed that the wrong place ( not exceed the games.) = 33 918 = 33 920 & & ps = 222 449 navt2 trying to find for the character of the photo. Sorry I can not help you. [Edit] Finally found this character. Here is a complete equipment and for him

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