Poster Rods

Poster Rods
help finding support rails mattress box?

40 years I have a canopy bed (queen) at the beginning, there were three steel rods that fit in the notches on the bed side rails. These three bars of the mattress support and mattress, and bed all held together well. Somehow in the past years we have lost the steel rods and wooden bed slats are not doing the job, my granddaughter and asleep in bed when she visits and I want to offer anyone comfy.Can any advice? Do not even know what it's called …. makes it difficult to find replacements … Doug Lucas, thank you both for your help … at least I know what is called now!

You need what is called a steel hook rails with center support here is an example that can have on your local mattress store or furniture. is a ribbon-less rail sytems used to the size of the hook queen bed headers and footers.

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