Cosplay Wallet

Cosplay Wallet
Looking for a quirky/unusual business name?

I have started a business that features: Costume commissioning, crocheting(scarves, hats, gloves), jewelry, clothing, wig making, handbag/tote bag/wallet, cosplay accessories/props, blankets/quilts/hooded baby towels, assortment of charms(used for anything from jewelry to key chains)

I need a name that fits the bill. One that centers around my mass variety of products as well as being unusual, quirky, artsy, and eye catching. Something gramatically correct please, no strange spellings.
I have tried to figure out a name and come up with nothing. I am even open to mixing english with other languages.

Solita Mas Entaki – Thai for “Many Things Made” … I asked my best friend’s boy friend [he's 73 & she's 71]. He’s been all OVER the world … he’s going to mull it over a bit & will let me know if he comes up w/ anything else …

Do I get something FREE if you pick the name? lol … seriously :)

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