Headband Set

Headband Set
Hot Headz Headband, Scarf and Hat 3-piece Set

Headband Set
What do you think of my pikachu costume?

I made a sketch of what I use for Polyvore pikachu for Halloween. I will also have a band pikachu head (ear) and a tail. Please tell me what you think and add any suggestions you might imagine! Thank you! Http: / / www.polyvore.com/pikachu/set?id=11084920

It may be that the color on your computer, but the jersey and shorts must be the same color, was a solid bright yellow Pikachu. Have you thought about carrying yellow Converse / shoes? Make sure to paint the base of the tail brown and the tip of the ears in the black patch. I also painted red cheeks, nose and black around his eyes darken. If you're willing to spend money, I'd buy a pair of hot http://vinyldolls.net broadcasts. I bought there before and love them hot! Http: / / vinyldolls.net / guvyefubocof.html Good luck!

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