Naruto Hoshigaki

Naruto Hoshigaki
Poll: your five favorite characters from Naruto, and why?

The rules are the same as my Bleach one. Here we go: 1. Kakashi Hatake: A new character is the oldest I've seen in anime, but never forget their goals. It's fun and more fun excuses of all time. Protect your computer with everything that is done and is acutally very strong. (Former Anbu Captain) 2. Hoshigaki Kisame: I love his technique and what it like. It reminds me when I'm on my bad side at 100%. 3. Rock Lee: Probably the second most fun character I've seen in my life (the first Kon Bleach is). He gives everything he likes girls and all that he lacks the means with which reminds me. 4. Itachi Uchiha: type very cool. Very good and very strong. He says just enough and nothing more. It reminds me of characters Byakuya Kuchiki and Sesshomaru. 5. Neji Hyuga: very smart and tries his better than Lee to achieve their goals. It became my favorite fifth after his fight with Naruto (It is difficult to explain, but if you watched anime, you know why).

1. Deidara: Idk I like it, perhaps because it is a smexy beast. 2.Hidan XD: It a donkey has a bad attitude, and it is immortal. What is not love. 3.Shikamaru: It is so vague and so intelligent. I suppose it is like soo lazy but he has a deep (I think) the link with friends. 4.Suigetsu: It seems so strange, and I'm pretty weird to me that he loves. 5.Neji: It's so cool. Although he lost to Naruto While still think it's pretty impressive. For me, it seems better than he acts.

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